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Self Emptying, Auto Mop, Obstacle Climbing, Sonic Mopping, 1L Water Tank, for Hard Floors, Carpets

Self Emptying, Auto Mop, Obstacle Climbing, Sonic Mopping, 1L Water Tank, for Hard Floors, Carpets

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Make automated cleaning accessible

With the mission of "Robotics for All", ECOVACS Robotics Inc. established the Yeedi brand to focus on providing floor-cleaning robots for the mass market and making automated cleaning experiences accessible to more people

Product Description

Unbeatable Versatile Cube Station, All Sides Powerful. The Yeedi Cube incorporates self-emptying, self-washing, and self-drying capabilities into one, bringing a revolutionary home cleaning experience. Unbeatable Clean with Powerful Sonic Mopping Skills Making for a Shiny Floor.

2500 times/min sonic mopping with shovel-shaped fiber mopping pad, tackles stubborn stains easily.  More Powerful 2 More Effective 3 More Flexible 4 More Thorough

Easy to Clean, Easy to maintain

The detachable base enables users to conveniently perform regular maintenance. Additionally, Yeedi has also designed the inner walls of the waste water bucket with a polished surface, allowing for easy cleaning with just a simple rinse.

One Push, Quick Fix. Two Rounds, Clean in Deep

Whether dealing with unexpected stains, just simply pick it up and place it where needed and it will start cleaning for you right away. Yeedi creates a more accurate way compared to zoning on APP. Ideal for deep and quick mess cleaning.

Carpet Suction Auto-Boost

In vacuuming-only mode, when the Yeedi cube senses a carpet, it'll automatically boost its suction power for deep carpet cleaning.

Learn and Navigate Around

The advanced visual and laser fusion navigation system combines the power of two sophisticated technologies to provide a seamless cleaning process.

Customize Your Cleaning

Merge and divide rooms freely, choose cleaning sequence, and more via Yeedi's intuitive app.

Compatible with voice control

Clean anywhere at any time via Yeedi's intuitive app. Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri for voice control.


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